Monday, July 27, 2015

My First Pocket Letter

Just this past weekend, as I was browsing YouTube for ideas, I stumbled upon pocket letters. After watching several videos on pocket letters, I just had to make my own! So, here's my very first pocket letter and I have plans to make many more. This first one is for my 9-year-old grandson. I'm mailing it tomorrow.

Pocket letters are made from trading card pages, which contain 9 pockets per page.

You can meet the gal who came up with the idea and watch her very first pocket letter video here.

I can see myself adapting pocket letters for all kinds of occasions! This was so much fun to make.

Here's what I did:

Here's the front of my pocket letter:
I used Close To My Heart's Picture My Life cards to create all my inserts.

Here's the back of the pocket letter:

I cut the inserts to fit the pocket, which is 2.5 x 3.5". 
I learned to make the little book inserts in this video.

Inside this little booklet, I wrote my grandson notes, one on each page.
I thought it was just enough that he wouldn't be bored with a long note from his gramma.

Inside other little booklets, I left out the pages and inserted a small envelope with a couple dollars in it, then called it money for ice cream.

He can lift up the flap and get the money.....and hopefully catch that ice cream truck in time!

On one page, I glued a snack sized chocolate bar.

In another insert booklet, I wrote out 10 things I love about him, one on each page.
I actually ended up doing 11 things!

In this booklet, I inserted another snack sized chocolate bar. Sorry this pic is so fuzzy:

I stamped a bit:

I sure hope my grandson loves his pocket letter! 
He does not know it's coming as I wanted it to be a complete surprise. 

Have you heard about pocket letters? 
What a great idea! 
I encourage you to watch the attached videos, search and watch some that you find, then make your very own pocket letters to send to those you love!
Happy Paper Crafting!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Craft Room, I Miss You!

I am definitely having some withdrawal and sadness over having already packed up my craft room for our move.

I had to get it packed up, that's not really up for debate, but I have so many projects in my head that I long to get busy crafting!

But I can't because it's all packed up.

I think, once the kitchen is workable, my 2nd priority will definitely have to be my craft room once we move to the new house.

I will like my new craft space better, no doubt. It will be in the basement of our new home and while the basement is not completely finished, it is clean, dry and painted. We will be setting our home office and my craft room up in the same space, giving my hubby and me the opportunity to work together at times. Bonus!

For now, these pictures show what my craft space looks like. In one week (from tomorrow) we will start moving boxes to the new house. I can't wait to get crafting in my new space! In the meantime, Pinterest will help!

Happy Crafting!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Join Me on YouTube!

I have finally ventured deeper into the world of YouTube and I'd like you to join me! I'm currently making videos about packing up for our move. I've included some packing tips I'm learning along the way. Some of these things have really helped me as I've been packing up this big house. I also make videos about food.

So, join me on YouTube! I'd love to see your comments, questions, suggestions and for you to share your YouTube channel with me.

I'm not seen on my videos yet. I'm hoping that will change, but currently, I hold my camera in my hand to shoot my videos and my arms are too short to take a video of myself. Believe me, I've tried, and all you can see is my teeth or a close-up of my nose. I won't put you through that! So, until I can upgrade to a camera that can be mounted on my tripod, I'll have to keep holding my camera, which is my phone, and shooting all things except myself.

See my videos here.
Thanks for watching!