Monday, September 1, 2014

Chalk It Up and Get a Jump Start!

Happy September! I love the "back to school" season, not because my kids go off to school, but because they don't! I love it because we start another year of our home school and I get quality time with my kids. This year is a first....only 1 kid left in school. After 27 years of home schooling, I'm down to having only 1 left in high school. I've never had just one in school, so this year will be very different for us all. Even when we started, we had two officially in school and simply added more kids each year.

I'm excited to get my youngest going on his official studies tomorrow, but also excited to record the year through scrapbooking! Our new kit, CHALK IT UP, is perfect for those back to school pages, whether you home school or your kids go to an outside school. As always with our kits, you get a main layout and a second layout!

This gorgeous main layout, above, features exclusive Cricut cuts. If you do not have a Cricut, order your kit through me and I will make the cuts for you!

This second layout does not have Cricut cuts and is quick and easy to put together.
How adorable are these pages??

And, for September, that's not all I want to draw your attention to! We now feature fabulous card kits called CUT ABOVE and these kits come complete with card bases, envelopes, pre-cut pieces and embellishments all ready for assembly!

Take a look at one of our Christmas card kits below:

What a great opportunity to get a real jump start on your Christmas card making this year! Our CUT ABOVE kits make card making fast and easy!

And, there's even more! September is a special month as it marks 30 years since Close To My Heart started! We are featuring a fabulous stamp set, #30yearsofhappy, that you can get for FREE with the purchase of $30 in stamps!

Order Today!

And, last but not least, is our September Stamp of the Month, Family is Forever. This stamp set celebrates FAMILY and that's just the icing on the cake for me. 

Happy Paper Crafting!
Get your September rolling today with these kits and more!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Accessorize the Seaside!

Don't forget your SEASIDE accessories! The SEASIDE Complements includes 2 full sticker sheets that perfectly coordinate the the SEASIDE Workshop on the Go kit of the month!

These stickers are card stock weight, easy to peal and make completing your projects so quick and easy!

The SEASIDE Workshop on the Go is perfect for preserving your summer memories. Don't leave your photos on your phone, in a box or on your hard drive! Get them in albums with this quick, easy, fun and affordable system!

Happy Paper Crafting!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Picture Your Life at the SEASIDE!

Close to My Heart's new scrapbooking program lets you Picture Your Life anywhere!  This month, it's at the SEASIDE and you won't believe how easy, convenient and time-saving this new program is!

This month only, when you purchase the SEASIDE Picture My Life kit (or any of our PML kits),
you get your choice of qualifying page protectors - a 10 pack - for only $3.00!! How cool is that? That's a cool as an ocean breeze at the SEASIDE!

What are you waiting for? Order yours TODAY!


Thursday, August 14, 2014


Have you seen the SEASIDE Workshop on the Go? While many in the scrapbooking world are promoting back to school themes, I'm still hooked on SEASIDE because it's still August and it's still hot out and it's still beach weather!

Get your SEASIDE retreat going with this fabulous kit!
Happy Paper Crafting!

Friday, August 8, 2014

I'd Like to Be.......

.......out by the sea........

Have you seen SEASIDE? Have you been out by the sea? Or the lake? I think of the children's song The Octopus's Garden in the sea whenever I think of our SEASIDE Workshop on the Go.

In each of our Workshop on the Go kits, you get not only enough supplies to make a main layout:

but, you get enough paper and other supplies to easily make an additional layout:

This additional layout requires no Cricut cuts, so if you don't yet own a Cricut machine, this layout is for you!

But, that's not all!! There's still more paper and supplies left, so you can make some cards:

The SEASIDE Workshop on the Go kit keeps going and going and going! Think of all the lovely projects you can do. And think of how your pictures will enhance the look of this artwork and be uniquely yours!

Happy Paper Crafting!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Your SEASIDE Escape!

Just picture it: You're sitting in front of the fire with a hot cup of cocoa, trying to stop shivering from the blast of cold that greeted you all day as you were in and out. Imagine picking up your beautiful photo album and being able to relive those warm, sunny beach days you enjoyed last summer.

You can do it! Our SEASIDE Workshop on the Go kit is ready to help you preserve those memories so your winter will be warm with memories!

The details in this kit design are stunning!

Just looking at this makes you think you are back there on the beach again, enjoying the sunshine!

Don't delay! Preserve those memories NOW so you'll be able to kick back and relax while enjoying your happy summer days!

Happy Paper Crafting!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

SEASIDE - Accessories and Stamps

Today I'm featuring the SEASIDE accessories and stamps. This fabulous kit is not only specifically designed to help you preserve your summer memories, it comes with accessories that add just the right amount of pizzazz to make your projects shine!

The SEASIDE Workshop on the Go comes with the stamp set pictured below. It's unique! You can only get this stamp set through the SEASIDE Workshop on the Go.

The SEASIDE Workshop on the Go is pictured here. For only $29.95, you get everything listed here! These Workshop on the Go kits are all-inclusive, making your scrapbooking quick and easy.

Here's an up close view of the SEASIDE assortment, a set of antiqued gold metal shapes. 
They add interest and texture to your scrapbook layouts!

I simply love this collection and can't wait to put my summer pages together! You can get your kit here.

Happy Paper Crafting!